Violence and 39 arrests during a “corona party” in Germany

Violence and 39 arrests during a “corona party” in Germany

FRANKFURT – Thirty-nine people have been arrested for attacking police officers who tried to contain a brawl at an outdoor party bringing together thousands of young people in central Frankfurt, German city police said on Sunday.
VSInq police officers were injured in this violence which broke out around 3:00 am (German time). A “rain of bottles” fell on the police who were trying to intervene in a fight involving thirty people gathered on the Place de l’Opéra.

This square has become a popular gathering place for what the media are calling “corona parties”, with bars and nightclubs still closed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Some 3,000 people, mostly young people, gathered in the square on Saturday evening, but only 500 to 800 of them were still present when the brawl broke out, Frankfurt police chief Gerhard Bereswill said at the meeting. a press conference.

A small group of police approached to help a bleeding man and calm the brawl, but the crowd lashed out at law enforcement.

“What I find particularly appalling is that onlookers applauded when my colleagues were hit by bottles,” he added.

Police reinforcements then arrived and cleared the square, under a “rain of bottles” from the angry crowd, he said.

A total of 38 men and one woman were arrested. Most are men between the ages of 17 and 21, “mostly from an immigrant background”, according to the police chief.

Eight people remained under arrest Sunday and could be charged with disturbing public order.

The incidents are reminiscent of those which took place in Stuttgart last month, where nighttime violence erupted following a police check over a narcotics case, which had escalated.

Several hundred young people, some heavily alcoholic, had wreaked havoc for several hours in the city center, looting shops and attacking police and rescue services. The affair had outraged Germany.

German police and relief associations have alerted authorities to the fact that they face growing hostility when carrying out their work.

Even though most revelers were peaceful, police in Frankfurt noted an increase in assaults on police officers in the early morning hours after outdoor parties, according to Gerhard Bereswill.

The incidents on Sunday marked “the culmination” of these attacks, he added.

Several police vehicles and a bus stop were also attacked, causing damage reaching thousands of euros.

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