Vinicius: “It can't be that he is the player who is fouled the most and the one who has the most cards…”

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Vinicius was decisive in Madrid's victory over Espanyol (3-1) after coming back from Joselu's initial goal, the parakeet striker. Marked The Brazilian scored the equalizer after an extraordinary individual play and then returned to the goal. to see a yellow card. Vinicius has become the second most cautioned in the Spanish League (he added the eighth in 24 games he has played, the twelfth including all competitions), in addition to being one of the footballers who has most He receives many fouls in the championship.

“With me, the referees don't whistle and they don't card the others,” the Madrid striker complained. “But whenever I make the first foul, they take it from me. But it is what it is! That always happens with Madrid and with me. It cannot be that he is the player who is fouled the most and the player who sees the most cards”, denounced the white star.

“I think many of the yellow cards were for protesting,” stressed Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of the Madrid. it seemed to me example today… He didn't protest, he didn't say anything… He has played very well, he must continue like this. is Of course they have given him many yellow cards for the kicks he receives”, added the Italian coach, joining his coach's complaints.

In the victory over Espanyol, Vinicius he received three fouls and committed one, which cost him precisely the yellow card he complained about so much later.