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Viktor Yushchenko became a Tiktok star: a funny video went viral on the Internet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

>> Yushchenko became a Tiktok star/Lux FM Collage

Former President Viktor Yushchenko became popular on Tiktok. And all thanks to a humorous video by a Ukrainian blogger.

The video uses Viktor Yushchenko's passion for beekeeping. It was known even during the politician's presidency.

In the video, the blogger refuses to try honey because he doesn't like it. After that, Yushchenko appears in the frame and gives the boy a light kick, saying: “Cossack, what did you do, did you fall from the oak tree?”.

The video is as funny and cute as possible. And the appearance of Viktor Yushchenko in it causes quite a smile.

The video with Viktor Yushchenko went viral on the Internet: watch the video


original sound – Vylyk

It is interesting that the eldest daughter of the ex-president, Vitalina, also shared this video on her Instagram.

Viktor Yushchenko became a Tiktok star: a funny video went viral on the Internet

Please note that the video has gone viral on the Internet. It has been viewed more than two million times. Users also left a lot of funny comments under the video:

  • “Yushchenko is the best thing that happened to us…”;
  • “The first pro-Ukrainian , which drew us to Europe”;
  • “ahhhh Yushchenko is in Tiktok… where is my 2004?”.

Let us remind you that Viktor Yushchenko has been seriously engaged in beekeeping since 2006. Once he put his honey up for auction and earned two and a half million on it.

Natasha Kumar

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