“Vidzhim” oblgas at Firtash transforms into bezlad and farce

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"Vidzhim" Firtash's regional gas station turns into a mess and a farce new kerіvniki, as they have already been changed to others. New figures appeared on the scene of the struggle against the oligarchs for Kurchenko's comrades-in-arms.

What to say about the new mess in the team of Denis Mirgorodsky, a ceremonial engineer of the newly created company TOV «Gas gas pipelines of Ukraine», what is the position of the President's office? br />  

"Vidzhim" oblgas at Firtash transforms into bezlad and farce

As it became known to Antikor from the youcontrol system, recently the head of the board of JSC “Dniprogaz” was changed. The former protege of Denis Mirgorodsky, Pop’yuk Bogdan Stepanovich «propraciuvav» on the landing close to 10 days. Same wine in 2010 – 2013 Pop’yuk buv director of the glorious «Gas Ukraine 2020» she worked as the intercessor of a kerіvnik in “Lidergaz”. All companies from the empire of Sergiy Kurchenko, which was the most important in 2014.

Since the information has spent up to ZMI, the term personnel rotation has been established, so now do not miss the “remaining chance for the order of gas-filled pits” in the interests of the state. І to replace the managers of Vekselberg and Kurchenko came… devil's managers. For the rest of the month, the third change of kerivans at Dniprogaz.

Oleksiy Andreev became the new head of the government. It’s a pity, it’s only a rozpovsyudzhene prizvische and im’i. Tse mozhe buti Oleksiy Andreyev, a kind of jamming with clear signs of narcotic sleep (even wider eyes, as if they do not react to the light). I was fined by the court for 17 000 hryvnia.

It is also possible to be a victim of domestic violence, a hijacker of a “car VAZ 21214 in white color” sleeping at the place of service. In any case, we can understand that the gas barriers of the Dnipro are in good hands.

It seems that the team of Denis Mirgorodsky has a short lava of spares. Many settlements of Russian oligarchs were replaced by cross-border law enforcement officers from the Dnipropetrovsk region. And such a quick change of ker_vnitstva to tell about the new trouble and to make it easier to turn «vjati» activate Mirgorodsky himself at once reveals that the wine and yogo team is “the last chance for the order of the gas pipelines” And if so, then the chances of the gas pipelines have not run out.

We have already written about the attack on the Firtash regional gas, as it originated from the Dnipro and the Khrakiv region. Todi our respect was screwed up by “new personnel” – heads of government, recognized in the “interests of the state”. They were not state managers, but lawyers who served the interests of other oligarchs, representatives of gangster business elites of the 90s, many managers of Sergiy Kurchenko, too.
More information on the Antikor portal: https://antikor.com.ua /articles/604627-othim_oblgazov_u_firtasha_prevrashchaetsja_v_besporjadok_i_balagan

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