Videos | Alleged abuse of Police on the road: “this Constitution is useless”

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Senator Inti Asprilla, of the Alianza Verde party, shared a video showing a discussion between a citizen and a police officer who refuses to be recorded at a checkpoint

Video | Alleged police abuse on the road: “That Constitution is useless”

Congressman Inti Asprilla calls for a table to follow up on cases of police abuse. (Colprensa – Camila Díaz)

Through a video posted on his Twitter account, Senator Inti Asprilla pointed out an apparent case of police abuse in the middle of a roadblock. Along with the recording, broadcast this Friday, November 18, the Green Alliance congressman requested that the Government of Gustavo Petro carry out a follow-up on the episodes that continue to occur after the change in doctrine.

Asprilla accompanied the video of the complaint with this message: “Urgent: the government of @petrogustavo must immediately start a table to follow up on cases of #Police Abuse throughout Colombia. It is time that once and for all, it is understood that the arbitrariness of some police officers cannot be tolerated. Strength.”

The video appears to have been recorded on a highway in the department of Valle del Cauca. Apparently, a driver was traveling on a motorcycle with a woman when he came across the checkpoint and was summoned by the transit authority. As soon as he got out of the vehicle, the man began to record the police procedure. Article 21 of Law 1801 of 2016 states that any action by the Police can be recorded and, if a uniformed person prevents it, they commit misconduct. Despite this, the transit agent verbally intimidated the citizen on several occasions to make him put away his cell phone.

While repeating “record me, I'm not afraid”, the video shows the uniformed man while he orders the motorcyclist to take off his clothes to search him. In the video, complaints to the citizen such as “what is the nonsense with the policeman?”, “you upset the policeman”, “since you get off the motorcycle is recording” (sic), among others, are heard. It is also heard how the uniformed man asks for explanations about the recording: “Who has hit you? Who has mistreated him.”

As time passed, the policeman became exasperated and used profanity against the citizens, including the woman, who was trying to prevent her companion and the officer from coming to blows with her body. “Don't record the expensive son of a bitch because I don't like being recorded”, “don't touch the uniform son of a bitch” and “you have to treat these people like that, brother”, the uniformed man is heard saying.

Towards the end of the video, you can hear how the agent tried to talk with the citizen about his supposed disrespect for authority —for recording, a legal activity in any context in front of a police officer. When the motorcyclist explained this point, the agent is heard saying “that Constitution is useless. Do you believe in laws? and tried to intimidate him by telling him that “every police station is going to have problems”.

Finally, the citizen asked the agent to identify himself and he responded with “are you going to continue you with the same chimbada with me? We don't want people like you here!”

According to Senator Asprilla, “there is no doubt that under this government there is a policy of respect for human rights. However, cases of police abuse continue to be filed in different parts of the country.” For this reason, he recommended that the national government allow the establishment of a monitoring table for cases of police abuse. For him, this group should be made up of “the Minister of Defense, the director of the Police, the attorney general and the Ombudsman's Office. It is time to give concrete results on this issue and the results are to strictly monitor the different cases that continue to be reported in different parts of the country.”