Video | Woman dies of stroke in police van after hospital denied her medical care

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  • The hospital called the Knoxville Police Department to come to the scene and evacuate the woman as she had no health insurance

Video | A woman dies of a stroke in a police van after a hospital denied her medical attention

Lisa Edwards, a 60-year-old woman with a disability, has died after being denied medical attention.

The woman came home. He went to the Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center on February 4 for  abdominal pain, according to ''. she had been diagnosed with constipation earlier and was discharged. “After spending the night, she was released around 7 am on February 5,” reports ''.

However, she refused to get out of there< /strong>. She claimed to have a broken ankle. The hospital called the hospital. Knoxville Police DepartmentThey asked them to go to the place and evict the woman since she did not have health insurance.

In the video broadcast recorded by the body cameras, it shows how one of the agents explains to him that the hospital staff wants him to leave. “I know you have some problems, but you have to find a way to get out of here. I don't want this to turn into a situation where you have to go to jail” >, the agent tells her.

The woman tells them that she has broken her ankle and that she has a stroke, thus revealing her identity. the reason why she has come to the center to receive care. The agent explains that the health professionals have released her, but the woman insists that she has not been treated .

Also, the patient is sick. She sits in a wheelchair owned by the hospital, so they assure her that she must get up and find a way to leave. “I can't. rcel”, she begs.

“I'm going to die, I'm going to have a stroke,” she told the police before getting into the van, she says the cited medium. Police accused her of faking symptoms and refused to lay her down, calling her a “dead weight.” Once inside, Lisa Edwards passed out on her stomach. and later passed away.