Video: Rigoberto Urán had to choose between Gustavo Petro and Álvaro Uribe and his face said it all

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“I stayed with both, I am very crooked”, were the conclusions of the rider, who was annoyed with Eva Rey's question< /h2>

Video: Rigoberto Urán had to choose between Gustavo Petro and Álvaro Uribe and his face said it all

Rigoberto Urán had to choose between Petro and Uribe and began to get upset/(Instagram: eva_reyoficial)

Normally away from the Colombian political scene and focused on his career as a professional cyclist and his personal brand as an entrepreneur, the Antioquia runner Rigoberto Urán starred in a comical moment when he was talking with the Spanish journalist Eva Rey about two famous Colombian leaders.

< p class="paragraph">Disconnected from the news team of Noticias RCN, Eva Rey showed a preview of her audiovisual journalistic format on her Instagram account and her YouTube channel, Strip with Eva, in which this Friday, November 11, he showed exclusive conversations with Rigoberto Urán and the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero Calle.

These were the introductory words from the renowned European communicator on her Instagram account:

Hello. I'm Leah again. I wanted to tell you that after leaving RCN a little while ago, one day I will tell you about it, I start my new interview program. Get naked with Eva, that's her name. Is the title good? I'll let you know, so you can see it with me

Within an informal conversation, Eva began by directly consulting the Toro de Urrao for his political preferences and the Colombian's reaction was decisive when having to defend the Uribista ideals vs. the petristas:

Who do you stay with between Uribe and Petro?

Although he does not usually refer to these topics in public, the Colombian athlete from the EF Education-EasyPost, began by talking about Uribe and evaded the question with one of his humorous expressions:

… Uribe is very brave, but you are going to warm me up at this hour. Eva, you do fag me

In an exclusive interview between the Spanish journalist and the Colombian cyclist, a question began to bother the London 2012 Olympic medalist/(Instagram: eva_reyoficial)

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The paisa rider decided to complement his answer and added:

< blockquote class="color_figcaption">I stayed with both, I'm very crooked

Eva's curiosity to know more about Rigo's political preferences He did not stop there and asked him about his inclination among Medellín leaders such as the former mayor Federico Gutiérrez and the current official, Daniel Quintero Calle.

In his response, Urán made it clear that he has a very good relationship with Gutiérrez and with the current local president. He also maintained that, for the time being, he will not venture into politics because he does not feel qualified enough.

When it was his turn to speak about the new government of Gustavo Petro, the broker had no problem in analyzing the work done by the leader of the historic pact and added that the country is very divided and that generates too many doubts:

< blockquote class="color_figcaption">President Petro so far is starting, there are many doubts still. What we need is for the president to do super well because this country is beautiful and we have many good things. He has to work a lot and tourism must be encouraged. We have to learn to sell our country

A few days ago, Rigoberto had the opportunity to speak in an exclusive interview with journalist Juan Diego Alvira from Semana and in that dialogue He was emphatic in pointing out that the current government and private companies should support more sports in Colombia, but that the budget is hardly enough for everything they have in mind in terms of promoting sports:

The sport needs more support. The national government and companies have to support Colombian athletes more. The fear is that the children are missing out