Video: fists, kicks and hair pulling in the middle of a fight in a Medellin cinema

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The incident involved two families, forcing the Police to intervene in the establishment to bring order

Video: fists, kicks and hair pulling in the middle of a fight in a movie theater in Medellín

The reasons why they were produced the fight in a room in Medellin

A violent fight occurred in the last hours in one of the movie theaters of the Aventura shopping center in Medellín. In a video that was widely disseminated through social networks, a discussion was recorded in which two families were involved while enjoying a movie.

The events took place last Wednesday November 9 in a performance at ten o'clock at night. According to the authorities' report, the conflict between the parties was caused by a situation of intolerance that got out of hand.

As the discussion escalated, the blows appeared while the theater lights were still off. In the video you can see how a woman throws herself to pull another's hair. The situation reached a point where the companions of the two women joined the fight. There is a fragment of the recording where it is observed that one of them realizes that she has blood on her face and noticing it, she gets back into the fight to pull her opponent's hair.

In the video you can hear the screams of the people around. Someone can be heard yelling “Let her go, she's a girl. Lady, let her go because she is a girl.” You can also see the other attendees of the movie theater asking for the presence of the security guards to stop the fight, or to request that they be removed from the room to continue watching the movie.

The fight ended when workers from the company that manages the movie theater went to the scene to separate the women. As indicated by the company, in a statement signed by the head of marketing for Cinemas Procinal, Daniel Sánchez; The protocols established for these cases were applied throughout the situation, receiving support from both the officials of the shopping center and the uniformed National Police.

It was also confirmed that the fight left people injured, so they also managed medical care within the facilities.

In the midst of the disorder generated by the fight, it can be seen in the video that some clients lost the food they were consuming. In some cases it was due to the women taking the popsicles or the containers to throw them at each other, but it can also be seen that there were people who threw their food towards where the fight was taking place, taking advantage of the disorder.

After the fight ended, the statement ensures that the room was suitable again, the customers returned to receive food courtesy of Procinal, and were able to finish the show normally. To close, the document asked for tolerance on the part of the attendees so that this type of situation is not repeated in the rooms.

However, until now the reasons are unknown for sure for which the fight took place.