Video: Epa Colombia clarifies to its followers if it ended its relationship with Karol Samantha

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The businesswoman recorded a video in which she talked about her courtship with her former friend

Video: Epa Colombia clarifies to its followers if it ended its relationship with Karol Samantha

Given rumors of a possible breakup, the influencer cleared up the rumors with a session of questions and answers on her Instagram account (@epa_colombia)

The influencer and businesswoman Daneidy Barrera Rojas, better known as Epa Colombia, aroused all kinds of reactions among his followers on social networks with a series of contents in which he taught the changes that his life had, leaving evidence of the luxuries he indulged in, his new acquisitions and the people who surrounded his personal environment and work.

In these publications, the keratin businesswoman was excited about the new opportunity she has in love as a result of her courtship with Karol Samantha, a former schoolmate who was always her friend and with whom she now shares her life, which is not has hesitated to express on more than one occasion.

Due to the rumors that have emerged in recent weeks by various users, who began to speculate about the possible end of the courtship, both decided to break their silence, discarding these versions with a video that arose from a question-and-answer dynamic. Before the question of “Did you finish with Karol?” Made by one of his followers, Epa Colombia responded while focusing on his partner in the bathroom of the place where they were staying:

“Friend, if you saw, Karol finished me (… ) Love, are we done? No, that's what everyone wants”, replied Karol

Both women were getting ready in the room, leaving evidence that they are still quite close. In addition, Epa Colombia confirmed that they have been together for a year now and they did not think that this would change.

Infidelity rumors

However, and despite denying the rumors of her breakup with Karol, the influencer remains in the crosshairs of the curious, as a result of some supposed evidence that would confirm that Epa Colombia was unfaithful to his ex-partner, Diana Celis, with his current partner.

The information provided by the specialized gossip account of the show business Rechismes, would be based in screenshots of the publications made by the businesswoman, and which would be a fundamental piece to corroborate that the soccer player, currently at Santiago Morning in Chile, was right in her day with the publications made in the past in which she referred to the Barrera's alleged infidelity.

In its publication, the source showed that Epa Colombia was celebrating “one year” of relationship with Karol Samantha, when at that time it was assumed that he was still a couple with Celis. For this reason, they pointed out that, if the accounts were made since November, the content creator would have already started her romance with Karol when her relationship with Celis was still firm.

In the publications from a year ago, in November and December 2021, Daneidy and Diana looked very close at Christmas or on Celis's birthday, and she did not hesitate to show her love and gratitude in her publications from then, even when she referred to to difficult moments in your relationship:

“Happy birthday, you are an amazing woman. It hurts to see you on crutches, but what else do I do if I try to give you the best. Let's go back to recover, the last one is the charm”

“You make me so happy, for sure my son will look like you. You don't know how much I saved, my love, thanks for being with me when he had nothing. You deserved to be when I have everything. You changed my life”

The information from the source seemed to make sense to many onlookers after Daneidy uploaded a story to his Instagram account where he appeared posing with a giant bear and a detail that his girlfriend would have given him for their anniversary. What caused a stir was the text that accompanied the gift, because it emphasized the anniversary they were celebrating on this day, and that it would ratify a possible infidelity.

Video: Epa Colombia clarifies to its followers if it ended its relationship with Karol Samantha

Captures made by the Instagram account @rechismes, which would prove the infidelity of Epa Colombia