Video calls looked like 50 years ago: video

June 30, 1970 was made the first commercial call using the Videophone Picturephone Mod II AT&T

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Как выглядели видеозвонки 50 лет назад: видео

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For many, their first experience of video calling is likely to have taken place on a computer or smartphone via Skype or Viber. However, the video was not always popular due to high speed requirements of the Internet, which 10 years ago was a problem for many users. One of the earliest examples of successful large-scale deployment was the iPhone 4 which was submitted in mid-2010. But the first commercial video conference took place much earlier – exactly 50 years ago, according to TechSpot.

June 30, 1970 CEO of Alcoa, John Harper, and the mayor of Pittsburgh, Peter Flaherty took part in the first commercial call using our new Videophone Picturephone Mod II from AT&T. a Day later the service on a subscription basis formally launched in eight companies in district of Pittsburgh. New York was supposed to serve as another starting city, but the flaws with the network left Pittsburgh the only city that had implemented new technology.

As you can imagine, maintenance service of video conferencing in 1970 was very expensive. In addition to the cost of installation at $ 150, client subscription costs $ 160 for 30 minutes of video – by the standards of 2020, it was $ 1057 dollars (28 UAH 200). No wonder Picturephone Mod II has not gained success due to its high cost.

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Video conferencing systems have evolved slowly over the next few decades, and only in the last 15 years they have evolved into modern free services like Viber, Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo and others. Currently, the presence of Wi-Fi, front-facing camera for selfies and video calling has become standard, to provide users with live chat without restrictions.

We will remind that earlier competitor Zoom from Facebook has helped millions cope with the isolation. We also talked about the TOP 5 tips and tricks in the conference Zoom.

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