VIDEO.  Anne Hidalgo, presidential candidate: can a mayor of Paris seduce the rest of France?

September 14, 2021 by archyde

“Anne Hidalgo or someone else, for us it doesn’t matter. In the countryside, we are not too interested in the life of Parisians, because they are not interested in our lives ”. Camped in front of Montparnasse station in Paris with her suitcases, Astrid sets the tone. This countrywoman from Dordogne remains doubtful about the announcement of the candidacy of the mayor of Paris for the presidential race. “It’s not the same life in Paris as in the rest of France”, abounds a little further Arthur, originally from Bordeaux.

When some point to his “not very positive” record at the head of Paris, the dirtiness of the city or the latest traffic restriction measures, others on the contrary welcome his policy in terms of ecology. “I come from the provinces but I am Paris from afar. Anne Hidalgo has a program for the City of Paris which is very progressive when it comes to ecology, especially in relation to transport, ”says Pierre. A point which, unlike the twenty-something, worries Toulouse Marie-Thérèse. “The only problem is car traffic and parking. Finally, it is that we see on TV when they talk about Paris, ”she confides.

“The label of mayor of Paris will weigh on Anne Hidalgo, in the sense that she will be immediately qualified as a Parisian bobo who wants to force the country to ride a bicycle, to leave the car. So a vision very disconnected from the reality of the territories, ”explains Philippe Moreau Chevrolet. For the political communicator, Anne Hidalgo must go towards “an image à la Jacques Chirac”, while Paris is often associated with an elite “disconnected from the realities of the French”. The former president was also mayor of the capital between 1977 and 1995, but had managed to erase his Parisian image to highlight his Corrèze history.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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