Victoria Beckham presented the first collection of plus size clothes

Victoria Beckham presented the first collection of plus size clothes

Viktoria Beckham presented the first collection of plus size clothes

Victoria was repeatedly criticized for those who make clothes are less for thin and stringy models.

The 48th squad of football player David Beckham and the huge member of the Spice Girls group Victoria Beckham, as soon as she develops a fashion brand of her own name, after many years of criticism, nevertheless, she gave up and voted about the launch of the New line of clothing for women from human forms, supporting The York Post.

On its side in the social media Instagram, she presented a new cloth from the VB Body line.

“Detailed from our firm compact knitwear, VB Body m’ interest in everyday speeches, including details with scallops, a new square viriz and body with an open back”, the designer wrote, adding that the line is available in sizes XS to XXL.

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In the video published by Victoria, plus size model Sharifa Jay demonstrates a $990 outfit – an emerald green cloth on one shoulder, an erysipelas cloth, as well as a white cropped top and a double back.

Plus size model Sharifa Jay presents clothes for women with body shapes

Previously, the Victoria brand was constantly criticized for those who won't talk about it, including “sickly thin” models, and Victoria itself is already a richly propagated society in Russia for the sake of saving ideal parameters. Beckham's initiative to expand the line of expansion was a success.

“It's high time”, “Nareshti! You've listened to our tips and tweeted out models for your campaign”, “Hurrah!!! Nareshti at VB models of all expansions, well done. Nareshti model of another expansion!” – write in the comments.

And the axis looks like the same cloth on the primary models for Victoria

In 2018, the role of Mrs. Beckham called for serious discussions about her health after I appeared in an advertising campaign for eyepieces. Coristuvachi gave a visnovka, which її artifice is supernatural.

“Through the image, my already crying daughter thinks that I need less їsti”, “I didn’t remember the eyepieces. Bula model in the center of respect. Sickly thinness! Beckham can be ashamed to propagate the discord of the eating habits”, – they were overwhelmed by those in socialist communities. Significantly, Vika’s vaga is close to 49 kg with a height of 163 cm.

Behind the words of dzherel, Beckham “superscriptally writes his new collection”.

Not long ago, Viktoriya, yaka in 2001, the roci knew that she was suffering from a breakdown in eating behavior, in an interview with Grazia magazine she said that the idea of ​​being too bad was “old-fashioned”.

“ setting up a bazhannya buti in a right way we are thin. I think that women today want a healthy mother and a calm look. You want your mother's breasts and ass”.

Vona also said what a woman writes, then the best looking one can її cloth VB Body.