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The assassination of his daughter, Julie Boisvenu, 27, in Sherbrooke in 2002, can be seen in the background of Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu's political work.

Victims' rights: the “life mission  of Senator Pierre- Hugues Boisvenu

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Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu will bid farewell to the Senate next week after a political career of more than 30 years . (Archive photo)

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Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu will make his farewell to the Senate next week after a political career of more than 30 years in Quebec and Ottawa. A look back at the political journey of a father who made it his mission to carry the voice of his daughter, Julie, and other victims of crime to the Red Chamber.

This pain, still so acute, he chose to transform it into a fight to give a voice, visibility and above all hope to the families of the victims.

In 2004, Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu and three other fathers founded the Association of Families of Assassinated or Disappeared Persons (AFPAD) with the intention of strengthening the rights of victims.

It was very frustrating to learn that criminals are told: "You have the right to a lawyer." [and] we say to the family: "You keep quiet."

A quote from Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, senator

Appointed to the Senate in 2010 by Stephen Harper, Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu emphasizes that the Conservatives are the only ones who responded to [his] call.

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I said: I think [that ] this is the place. “That’s where my daughters send me,” he adds.

If the Senate is traditionally a place more permeable to partisanship than the House of Commons, Senator Boisvenu is one of the 15% of senators who have a cause, a political function which allows them to have in their hands a tool of influence which helps advance a cause.

When I tried to enter communication with a minister when I was president of the Association, it took three to four months before presenting him with a situation that needed to be changed. When you're a senator, it takes 24 hours.

A quote from Pierre-Huges Boisvenu, senator

If we ask him what elements of the justice system have changed in favor of victims. Mr. Boisvenu is categorical: the biggest change in philosophy has taken place in the media.

The media spectacle surrounding the disappearance or death of a victim has given way to more respect, believes the senator.

The relationship between victims' families and prosecutors has also improved and – although there is still much work to be done – the justice system is more attentive. Families, who were, for example, not recognized as victims in Quebec, are now.

I think that it's a life mission that Julie gave me and that when I go back to the other side to find her, she will tell me: "We did a good job together." ;

A quote from Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, senator

Another change – a real workhorse – of Pierre Hugues-Boisvenu took the form of the Canadian Victims' Bill of Rights, (New window) adopted in 2015. This legislative document recognizes victims' right to information, the right to protection as well as the right to participation and compensation.

While he recognizes the work accomplished, Senator Boisvenu affirms that this charter must be strengthened, particularly with regard to victim participation. The release of dangerous murderers must also become more rigorous, he believes.

According to him, the rights of victims have been neglected to refocus on criminals.

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu also shoots an arrow in the direction of the government Trudeau in reference to the recent announcement by federal ministers to organize a national summit on car thefts, a situation which is growing in the Toronto region.

For me, protecting life comes before protecting a bodywork, he declares.

Senator Boisvenu's political career has been punctuated by some highlights.

In 2012, in reference to the rehabilitation of dangerous criminals, he called for every murderer to have their rope in their cell.

His commitment to the families of victims during funeral services and funerals also led to him being singled out by the RCMP for questionable expenses linked to his travel costs. He was ultimately cleared, but had to repay part of the costs incurred.

His membership in Facebook groups associated with the far right as well as #x27;the conspiracy and anti-immigration speeches in 2017 also raised eyebrows. He then admitted to having joined these groups by mistake and out of curiosity.

Asked about these controversies, he admits that it is difficult to do politics.

First, we learn […], when we come into politics, that we don't come with extensive experience. I was a free thinker […]. There have been occasions when I should have thought before saying certain words.

A quote from Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, senator

What is not always easy either, according to Mr. Boisvenu, is the look of audience. From the grocery cart to the beach. A look as omnipresent as it is essential, according to him.

I will always stop, I will always talk to them […]. If people didn't recognize me in the street, compared to the fight I'm leading, it's as if people wouldn't recognize the fight I'm leading.

What will he miss when he leaves politics? Straightforward and with a little smile, he admits: it's the media.

Bill S-205 (New window) on domestic violence and Bill S-265 on the Victims' Charter (New window) are progressing in the Senate before being adopted in the House of Commons.

Before returning the keys to his office to the Senate next week, Senator Boisvenu will have a choice to make: will he continue to speak up for victims? as a member of the House of Commons or will he become involved as a volunteer with the Association of Families of Murdered or Disappeared Persons, which he left when he was appointed to the Senate? The Association has grown and today brings together more than 700 member families.

The jump as an MP under the Conservative banner tempts him, but an electoral campaign requires energy, not to mention that the pace of work of an MP imposes sacrifices and frantic management of several files at once.

I'm thinking about it […]. It would also tempt me a lot because it is certain that having a full-time victims' voice in a government has a lot of capacity to contaminate the other deputies, then the other ministers.

A quote from Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, senator

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu will soon make a decision after a conversation with the leader of the conservative party, Pierre Poilievre.

One ​​thing is certain: if Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu leaves the Red Chamber, his fight for victims' rights is far from over.

The full interview with Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu will be broadcast on Coulisses du Pouvoir broadcast at 11 < em>h on ICI RDI and on ICI Télé.

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