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Victims of fatal hit-and-run revealed de l’An in Montreal are identified

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Two pedestrians died early Monday, in the north from Montreal, after being hit by a car whose driver fled. (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

A Namibian who was returning from church and a second man who was going to a friend's party have been identified as the two victims of the fatal hit-and-run that occurred early on New Year's Eve in Montreal. .

Court documents identify the two victims as Augustin Wesley Katimba, 30, and Michael Chintakis, 31.

The suspect, Antoine Dubuc, 23, faces six charges, including dangerous driving causing death, failure to stop following an accident causing death and impaired driving causing death .

The Montreal City Police Department claims that the suspect hit the two pedestrians at high speed before fleeing in his vehicle and possibly on foot. Dubuc was scheduled to appear Wednesday, but the hearing was postponed until next Monday.

Namibia's ambassador to the United States identified Wesley Katimba in a posting on Facebook as a member of the Namibian diaspora. Margaret Mensah-Williams wrote that Mr. Katimba was returning from church when he was caught in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough shortly after 1 a.m. Monday.

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Ms Mensah-Williams, who is also accredited to represent Namibia in Canada, added that Mr Katimba celebrated his birthday on December 31 and was just minutes from home when he was killed.

His death caused a wave of sympathy from his loved ones in Namibia.

In Montreal, friends of the other victim, Michael Chintakis, also expressed their grief. He was walking to a party at his friend Spiros Ilias' house and had just texted him to get the entry code to his building.

Mr. Ilias said on Wednesday that he tried to call his friend 20 minutes later, without success. Another friend who had just left called to tell Mr. Ilias that there were two bodies in the street, and when he came out, he recognized his friend's jacket under an orange police tarpaulin.< /p>

“It’s a real tragedy,” Mr. Ilias admitted in an interview on Wednesday. He described his friend as a luminous and inspiring man, a passionate being who radiated. The two men had known each other since the third year of elementary school. Michael Chintakis would have celebrated his 32nd birthday on January 14.

He was everything to me, Mr. Ilias said. He motivated me when we were young to become a good person, so you could say I am the person I am because of him.

Another old friend, Casey Fragoulis, added that Mr. Chintakis had a big heart. He loved everyone, despite imperfections and faults; he saw the good in everyone, she said. I don't think I ever heard him say anything bad about anyone: he would walk into a room and you immediately felt safe.

She was the one who took in Mr. Chintakis’ dog, Cashew, his most prized possession. What comforts me is that I feel like I have a piece of him, said Ms. Fragoulis, on the verge of tears. He loved that dog so much!

Mr. Ilias and other friends launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to help cover funeral costs and create a place to honor the memory of the deceased. Remember to cherish the people in your life while they are there, we can read in the introductory message. And maybe we can all be lucky enough to be as loved as Michael one day.

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