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Vice Versa 2: we explain the post-credits scene of the Pixar film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

If you haven't stayed yet until’à At the end of the credits, you are probably past the end of the credits. à side. However, Vice Versa 2 does contain a post-credits scene. An additional sequence which responds to a question left hanging, which we decipher here:

Vice Versa 2: we explain the post-credits scene of the Pixar film

Vice versa 2: huge success

Released on June 19 in French cinemas, Vice Versa 2 continues to be a hit. The latest addition from Pixar Studios is a real triumph in French cinemas, but also at the international box office. Realized by Kesley Mann, the feature film brought together 2 million spectatorsin French theaters and has grossed more than $1 billion internationally. An impressive score in just 3 weeks of operation.

Inside Out 2: We Explain the Post-Credits Scene of the Pixar Film

It must be said that this sequel to Inside Out, released in 2015,takes up the recipe which made the success of the first. We find our favorite emotions in a funny, touching and inspiring adventure for all adolescents in the midst of an existential crisis.

A post-credits scene&nbsp ;?

Did you know that Vice Versa 2 has a post-credits scene? In the style of the Marvel films, the latest film from the Pixar studiosoffers an additional sequence. Earlier in the film, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger find themselves locked in a sort of prison of repressed memories strong>. These forgotten memories are incarcerated in vaults, far from Riley's consciousness. In this prison, our 5 emotions cross paths with several characters. First, Lance Slashblade, a video game character that Riley was in love with; a cartoon character, a pastiche of Dora the Explorer; and a character who symbolizes Riley’s most secret memory.

A repressed memory, perhaps even a childhood trauma, that takes over appearance of a gigantic black monster, dressed in a dark tunic with a hood. hood. A design which is also strongly reminiscent of that of Dark, the nocturnal monster from Orion's Night.

Vice Versa 2: we explain the post-credits scene of the Pixar film

After a few well-crafted dialogues, our 5 emotions manage to achieve their goal. find a way to escape. While Lance Slashblade and the other cartoon character They decide to also flee, the repressed memory prefers to stay in his prison. The character closes the door behind him, preferring to remain in the darkness. and oblivion.

After the credits of Vice Versa 2, Joie decides to return to see this mysterious memory. Ultimately, Kesley Mann prefers to make fun of the character. A somewhat disappointing conclusion, too childish, which would have deserved more. more depth. In the sequence in question, Joie asks the other character what his sin is. The latter explains that one day, Riley made a hole in the carpet… A revelation that makes Joy laugh, and which owes us a little. Joyful emotion responds to her when she thought that it was the day when Riley had peed in the pool. Nothing particularly bad then, yet this new revelation pushes the specter to a greater extent. return to his vault again…

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