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Vice-versa 2: this easter egg slipped by Pixar teases Elio

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

It's been almost a week since Inside Out 2 hit theaters. With this new animated film, Pixar has struck a major blow again. Since June 19, fans have had time to spot many easter eggs, but one of them has clearly escaped their notice. And it refers to Elio, the studio's next film.

Vice-versa 2: this easter-egg slipped by Pixar teases Elio

vice-versa 2 is a hit in France and elsewhere international

Highly anticipated after the success of its predecessor,Vice-versa 2enjoyed great success upon its release. This is initially critical, with very positive opinions from the press and the public. But, the opposite of a certain Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,it is also a hit at the box office. In France, this is quite simply the best start of the year 2024.In five days, the last baby was born. from the Pixar studio had 1.7 million admissions, including 229,000 previews. It is also the sixth best start of all time for an animated film in France.

In total, Vice- Versa 2has already been released. generated more than 725 million dollars to; across the world, including 325 million in the United States alone. For comparison,Dune: Part Twodid not generate any problems. “only” 711 million dollars at the box office, during the entire duration of its exploitation. But despite this the large number of people who came to the cinemas, an easter-egg seems to have been passed around. inaperçu.And it’s Pixar’s production designer who says it.

when pixar teases its filmelio

It's a well-established habit at Pixar: With each new animated film, heaps of Easter eggs, references and other winks are slipped everywhere. They are usually numerous and visual, but not all are obvious; see at first glance. Moreover, on social networks, no one seems to have noticed the reference toElio, the next film from the Pixar studio, in the scene where Riley makes fun of the music group she listens to and sarcasm is the emotion highlighted. Many spheres are visible there, each containing memories of the young girl. And in one of them is Elio, à according to Pixar's production designer, Jason Deamer.

Vice-versa 2: this easter-egg slipped in by Pixar teases Elio

This revelation is not surprising, when we know that Pixar systematically hides references to other films. his other productions in his films, and often teases the next one. As a reminder, Elio will tell the story of a young boy who is projected to be in Communiverse, an interplanetary organization composed of representatives of very distant galaxies.Communiverse, an interplanetary organization composed of representatives of very distant galaxies. moved away. He will then be taken for the ambassador of the Earth, despite the fact that he him.Initially planned for this year, the animated film will ultimately not be released until June 2025.

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