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Vice Versa 2: this detail makes the far right scream, big controversy on X

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Released on June 19, Vice Versa 2 is already out! currently a hit at the box office. However, the film is currently at the heart of a controversy which continues to grow, and which should delight the far right.

Vice Versa 2: this detail makes the far right scream, big controversy over X

Vice versa 2 : already a success

Almost ten years after the first part, the emotions of Vice Versa are returns to cinema in a second opus directed by by Kelsey Mann. The press and spectator feedback is mostly positive. Currently, the film is recording the best start on French soil in 2023 (ahead of Dune 2) with more than 1, 6 million entriesin just 5 days. In à After barely a week of operation, Vice Versa 2 has already been released. garnered $729 millionof box office revenue.

A controversy that could taint its success?

For a few days, Vice Versa 2 has been project at the heart of an unexpected controversy. Indeed, the film is aimed at of the finger to apologize for Islam. Indeed, Kesley Mann's feature film features a young veiled woman. A totally harmless secondary character but who was enough to keep things going. annoy part of the population. Some voices were raised against the Pixar film to denounce the presence of this religious sign in a film with aimed at young audiences. A controversy symptomatic of the tensions around the representation of Islam in contemporary pop culture.

Vice Versa 2: this detail makes the far right scream, big controversy on .</em> They believe that this is the case. of a <strong>trivialization of this religious attribute</strong>and its ideology. Especially with an audience as impressionable as children.</p>
<p>Many political and media figures have reacted to this controversy. For example, essayist <strong>Samuel Athlan</strong> declared on Twitter:</p>
<blockquote class=

I come out of the cinema and I am shocked.

I take my children to see a film about their emotions.

They were impatiently awaiting this film: Vice Versa 2.

And from the first shots, what do I see?

A young veiled girl.

What does this have to do with a children's film that aims to do…

June 22, 2024

Far-right politician Gilbert Collard also said: that it’s what it’s about of a:

“Islamist Trojan horse”.

Disney Strikes Back

Éobviously, Disney has not left move past this controversy. The studio defended itself by promoting diversity. and inclusiveness in his works:

Our stories reflect the diversity of life. of the world in which we live. Vice-Versa 2 is no exception, it features a gallery of characters representative of society.

The company also specifies that the presence of this veil is in no way to be avoided. political goal or to advocate for any religious idea, but it is a storytelling and aesthetic element /strong> like any other.

Vice Versa 2: this detail makes the far right scream, big controversy on X

But the subject remains at hand controversy. From a representational point of view, it’s normal and logical to see a young veiled girl in a film that seeks to create a sense of purpose. encompass the greatest number. Especially in 2024. But from a point of view of secularism,This poses some ideological problems since the veil remains a distinctive religious sign. In any case, this is the point of view of the philosopher Henri Desroche, a specialist in secularism, speaking to Viral Mag:

Show reality Muslim fact is one thing, but we must be vigilant about this. do not fall into a form of propaganda, especially towards children. The veil remains a strong and controversial religious marker, its appearance in a cartoon is far from being trivial.

Director John Brill, for his part, is worried about over-representation ;sensation of characters compatible with Islamin Hollywood cinema, at the risk of censoring the artists:

We arrive at an absurd situation where the slightest production without a Muslim character becomes suspect, as if there were a quota to fill. This restricts the freedom of artists.

An idea that is immediately tempered by the sociologist Emilie Franck:

Times change, and so do mentalities. The inclusion of Islam in pop culture was inevitable. This does not mean that Hollywood has become an Islamist pharmacy! We must keep reason

The director Annelise Michot has as for her a more decided point of view; on the issue, and believes that it is important to represent all communities, whatever their religion:

We cannot on one side call at more diversity &àgrave; on the screen and on the other get offended as soon as a character deviates from the “neutral” implicitly white and Christian. Muslims are part of our society, it is normal for works to take this into account without it turning into activism.

A debate which has therefore not finished spilling ink and which should be more and more anchored in in the political and artistic discussions of our era.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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