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Vice versa 2: the new Pixar beats this historic record

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun16,2024

One ​​year afterElementary, the Pixar studio returns with a highly anticipated new animated film:Vice-versa 2. Released in the United States on June 14, the film has just broken a historic record.

Vice-versa 2: the new Pixar beats this historic record

Pixar breaks the house with Vice Versa 2

After having a long time ;summer the studio that revolutionized American animated cinema,Pixar is in the midst of its long journey through the desert – although it is paradoxical in nature. Indeed, despite the fact that since Covid-19, Pixar has continued to produce high-flying films (Soul, Luca, Red Alert), the studio with the lantern has never been so much the prisoner of the catastrophic decisions of the parent company: Disney.

Indeed, not only did Disney take responsibility; to deprive several Pixar films of a theatrical release to distribute them exclusively on Disney+ in order to increase subscriber interest in the platform, but the big-eared company also sabotaged this move. the distribution of Éelementary, and announced several waves of layoffs in the ranks of Pixar.

Also, the upcoming release in France ofVice-versa 2, sequel to the 2015 classic directed by by Pete Docter – now artistic director of Pixar since the departure of John Lasseter -, appears as an event capable of shaking up the recent history of the American studio /strong>. It must be said that the first film was an immense success, with almost 900 million revenues (representing a profitability rate of 490%) and an Oscar for best animated film won. on the nose and on the nose the beard ofMemories of Marnie by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, produced by Studio Ghibli.

Vice-versa 2: the new Pixar beats this historic record

We can therefore expect a great success for Pixar. What the first American figures seem to confirm: in fact, by earning 295 million dollars for its first weekend, Vice-versa 2 breaks the record for the biggest opening weekend for an animated film of all time and worldwide. It also breaks the record for the biggest opening weekend for a 2024 film. Figures certainly herald a great career at the box office. A true success ;erité which could well reinforce Pete Docter in the desire to to continue capitalize on Pixar's biggest successes, according to the report published on theBloombergsite. 

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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