Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Presented vibrating trucks for energy search underground

Tired of heating with coal and gas?  Then here is good news for you – soon, a source of practically infinite energy may be discovered just under our cities!

The German company Herrenknecht AG has introduced special vibratory loaders for the exploration of geothermal energy deposits.

These unusual machines look like typical trucks, but they are driven a special platform. It creates seismic waves passing through the ground. Special sensors catch the reflection of these waves and based on them form a picture of what is happening under our feet.

This technology will help to search "hot spots" – places where heat accumulates deep underground. You can drill a well there, let in water and get superheated steam at the exit. It can be used to turn turbines and produce environmentally friendly electricity.

Already this year, unusual vibratory loaders will start test, and their serial production may start in 2025.

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