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6t nY Via ESPN Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund live Champions League follow football live on television internet mobile app link streaming nnda nnrt | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL - The Times Hub

Via ESPN Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund live Champions League follow football live on television internet mobile app link streaming nnda nnrt | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

    Via ESPN Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund live Champions League follow football live on television internet mobile app link streaming nnda nnrt | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

    How and where to see the City vs Dortmund live? Here we give you all the details you should know to watch the game of live football by quarterfinals of Champions League which will be this Tuesday, April 6. Get to know the TV guide and online links from available mobile apps. What’s more, Depose It will follow the minute by minute of the commitment from the previous one and will give you all the information before, during and after the game.

    With the departure of Argentine Kun Agüero scheduled for this summer and Pep Guardiola’s refusal to pay large amounts of money for a striker, one of the best ‘nines’ in the world, the Norwegian Erling Haaland, appears in the path of the Spanish coach in the first leg of the quarterfinals between Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund for the Champions Legue.

    Manchester City have five games left to achieve their long-awaited European Cup. The first of them this Tuesday against Borussia Dortmund, a match for which their favoritism is great due to the contrast in the state of form of both teams, although Haaland emerges as a great threat as the top scorer of the current Champions League with ten points.

    What TV channels will City vs Dortmund broadcast?

    In Peru it is broadcast via ESPN

    In Mexico it is broadcast via FOX Sports App, FOX Sports 2

    In Colombia it is broadcast via ESPN

    In Ecuador it is broadcast via ESPN Andina, ESPN

    In Bolivia it is broadcast via ESPN

    In Venezuela it is broadcast via FOX Sports 2

    In Argentina it is broadcast via ESPN

    In Chile it is broadcast via ESPN

    In Uruguay it is broadcast via ESPN

    In Paraguay it is broadcast via ESPN

    In Brazil it is transmitted via GUIGO, TNT Brazil, TNT Sports Stadium

    In the United States it is transmitted via TUDN app

    In Spain it is broadcast via Movistar +, Mitele Plus, Movistar Champions League

    Link to download the mobile app and watch City vs Dortmund

    This ESPN app allows you to access the channel’s videos in the simplest way. You can also follow live and personalized scores to stay informed with goals, results, leaderboards, schedules, statistics, recaps, videos and more.

    • Watch Madrid vs Liverpol here live via Apple iOS
    • Watch Madrid vs Liverpool live via Google Play here

    Enter Movistar Plus with a compatible browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera) and identify yourself. The other option is to download the Movistar + mobile application from your device’s store.

    • Watch Madrid vs Liverpool live via iOS here
    • Watch Madrid vs Liverpool live via Android here

    How does Manchester City arrive for the Champions League match?

    Those of Pep Guardiola caught cruising speed in the Champions League a few months ago and have not released it. Since last November 21, they have only lost one match – against Manchester United – and have only drawn three more.

    Thirty wins have fallen since that date and the ‘Sky Blues’ command the table with time counted to achieve their fifth Premier League since the Arab investment arrived. In addition, they have developed a defense skill that makes them the team with the least thrashed in the Premier League and they have not conceded in Europe for over 700 minutes.

    City have not conceded a goal in the Champions League since Colombian Luis Dias did it in the first game of the group stage. Since then, Ederson and Steffen have always kept the door clean. That defensive solidity will be put to the test by Haaland, one of the players that Guardiola has ruled out signing for next season, alluding to economic scarcity, as a substitute for a Sergio Agüero who, in principle, will not have a leading role in the crossing.

    How does Borussia Dortmund arrive for the Champions League match?

    Borussia Dortmund come to Etihad at a difficult time, having practically said goodbye to the fight to qualify for the next Champions League when they lost 1-2 to Eintracht Frankfurt. The defeat leaves him in a situation in which there are even doubts about the composition of the squad for next season and about the possibility of retaining important players, starting with Haaland himself.

    Undoubtedly a surprise against City, considered quite unlikely, could be an at least temporary relief to the current situation of the club. The most optimistic in the Dortmund environment can remember that the team also arrived in a bad situation, and in the middle of a negative streak, to the first leg against Sevilla when Haaland appeared to give new hope.

    The absence, due to muscle injury, of the Englishman Jadon Sancho is, on the other hand, quite sensitive for the game against City. In recent matches, Belgian Thorgan Hazard has taken Sancho’s position on the right wing.

    City vs Dortmund: Declarations of the protagonists

    Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager: “Everyone in this club and in other clubs wants to go as far as possible. One thing is what we want, and after the fact we have to show it on the pitch and beat the rivals, as we have done many times in all competitions. I want to be honest with you. I have prepared this game as I prepared the previous one, and the previous one, and all the games of the last two or four months “.

    Edin Terzić, coach of Dortmund: “The City will have a lot of possession, we have to assume it. They like to tire their rivals to open spaces. When we have the ball, we have to go out. This is when it is difficult to stop. City are currently the strongest team in the world, with incredible quality. It will be an exciting task in which we have to show our best performance in both games “.

    Fernandinho, midfielder of the Manchester City: “There are good feelings in the squad. We are on a roll. The last few months have been very good for us and, without a doubt, the quarter-finals will be special for everyone ”.

    Sebastian Kehl, former player of the Dortmund: “For me, [el City] it is the strongest team of the remaining eight. It is a great team, with a great coach and great ambitions. However, we really want to play both games, but we know they will be very difficult “.


    Will it be your next home? Erling Haaland’s reaction to entering the Etihad Stadium for the first time

    Guardiola changes his mind: Haaland, Manchester City’s number one goal

    The ‘enemy’ at home: Guardiola drops Manchester City from the race for Erling Haaland

    They will also travel to Manchester: Haaland and Raiola’s plan after meetings with Laporta and Florentino

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