Verstappen changes engines in Russia and will have to go back

September 24, 2021 by archyde

Max Verstappen will have to come back in Russia, after changing all the components of the Honda power unit that your Red Bull RB16B mounts. The Dutch driver thus takes advantage of the situation caused by the three-place penalty imposed by the FIA ​​after the accident with Lewis Hamilton at Monza.

On Red Bull They already knew they needed to fit a new engine to be able to get to the end of the season without any reliability issues. The Dutchman’s car had already fitted the three engines that must be used at most per season, so it is forced to start from the end of the grid.

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As minimum, Verstappen He was going to start from fourth place, after being sanctioned for his accident with Hamilton at Monza, and taking advantage of this, Red Bull have decided to change all the components of the complex power unit: combustion engine, turbo, MGU-H, MGU-K, electronic control unit, battery and exhausts.

One of the power units used by Verstappen was ruled out after the Dutchman’s accident with Hamilton at Silverstone Circuit. For this reason, Red Bull knew that sooner or later it was going to need to open a fourth engine and it was therefore inevitable that Verstappen would be penalized.

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Max, who leads the F1 Drivers’ World Championship with just five points clear of Hamilton, you will have to come back from the end of the grid. His starting position will have to be confirmed after the qualifying session, as there are other drivers like Charles Leclerc, who has also been punished for mounting a new Ferrari engine.

Sochi It is a circuit where you can overtake and, taking into account that tomorrow rain is expected and that perhaps a drop may also fall on Sunday, Max could have some ‘help’. The new engine also gives some reassurance for Red Bull in the face of the decisive final stretch of the season.

Mercedes could also be forced to fit a new engine in Hamilton’s car before the season is out, but it is not expected to be in Russia, a track in which Mercedes is the true leader and where they can hit the table hard. In this sense, Sergio Pérez’s work will be key, Verstappen’s partner, to try to put the brakes and scratch points on the star’s cars.

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