Venice Film Festival 2022: Lars Von Trier brings The Hospital and its ghosts back to life in a mini-series [video]

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Venice Film Festival 2022: Lars Von Trier revives The Hospital and its ghosts in mini- series

Here is a first extract from The Kingdom Exodus, which will be presented at the Venice festival, out of competition.

In 1994, Lars Von Trier released the first episodes of The Hospital and its Ghosts,an original horror series set in The Kingdom, Copenhagen's largest hospital. More precisely within his neurosurgery department, disturbed by strange supernatural phenomena…
In 1997, Riget (that's his original name) had a sequel, then in 2004, it was remade in the United States with the participation of Stephen King, under the title of Kingdom Hospital. In 2020, it was LVT in person who announced that they wanted to return to this universe for a final season. A 5-episode mini-series titled The Kingdom Exodus, which he finished filming a few months ago and which has just been selected at the Venice Film Festival, out of competition (along with another Danish series set in the same city, Copenhagen Western, by Nicolas Winding Refn).

Here is an intriguing first extract from The Kingdom Exodus, which should be broadcast at the end of the year in Denmark. Fans of the original series will be delighted to find the very special atmosphere of this hospital, with its characteristic sepia colors.

Copenhagen Cowboy: Nicolas Winding Refn presents his Netflix series selected at the Venice Film Festival

Bodil Jørgensen (The Idiots) plays Karen, a sleepwalking patient cared for in this haunted place “where evil has taken root and where medical science faces a daily struggle with itself”, the synopsis reads. Produced by Zentropa, the series is co-written by Lars Von Trier and Niels Vørsel, as with its original episodes. In addition to the actress seen in this extract, it will be worn by several stars of Danish and Swedish cinema: David Dencik (La Taupe), Alexander Skarsgård (The Northman), Lars Mikkelsen (Sherlock), Mikael Persbrandt (Sex Education), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Department V Investigations), Tuva Novotny (Annihilation)…