Vendée: A doctor indicted for suspicion of rape of a patient

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Investigation Already convicted of domestic violence, the practitioner was placed in pre-trial detention

Vendée : A doctor indicted for suspicion of rape on a patient

A general practitioner from Vendée was indicted for rape and sexual assault on a patient (illustration). —P. Bernard/AFP

He wasé taken to prison, despite the arguments of his lawyer. On Friday, a general practitioner installed in the hospital in Vendée was indicted for rape after a complaint filed by one of his patients. According to Ouest-France, the practitioner is suspected of sexual assault and penetration on a patient described as “fragile”. The latter categorically denied the facts but finds itself weakened by several elements of investigation, in particular telephone tapping but also the evidence of “usual practice of gynecological examinations”.

To decide on his placement in provisional detention, the judge for freedom from detention (JLD) also relied on the doctor's criminal record, already ; condemned for acts of domestic violence. According to Ouest-France, the magistrate estimated that the accused would have « a relationship to sexuality deviant and inappropriate behavior with women.