Vehicle chaos in Bogotá due to heavy hail

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During the afternoon hours several areas of vehicular flow in the capital have been seriously affected: from puddles to flooding in the entire road network

Vehicle chaos in Bogotá due to a strong hailstorm

Road closure is carried out in the depression of Calle 80 with Carrera 20B. There is flooding due to heavy rains. Photo capture: Tránsito Bogotá

The Ministry of Mobility, through the Tránsito Bogotá social network, announced that after the heavy rains that hit the Colombian capital during the afternoon hours, There are several points of vehicular flow that have been seriously affected.

Thus, the entity has requested all road actors to take precautionary measures when traveling through these places in order to avoid road accidents, damage to public – private property and avoid greater congestion than is occurring.

“WARNING:_(04:30 p.m.) at this time there is high vehicular congestion in the Calle 13 corridor due to the heavy rains of the last few hours, which has generated a decrease in speed and an increase in travel times,” the entity tweeted.

Decrease in traffic speed and increase in travel times, due to the strong rains.

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