Vecheni showed the guise of a woman of a stone vіku

Vecheni showed the guise of a woman of a stone vіku

Woman showed the guise of a stone woman

Photo: wikipedia. orgWonderfulnesses showed the guise of a woman from a stone age

The skeleton was well preserved, regardless of those who died about 5700 years ago. The cause of death is not known at all.

In Malaysia, in 2017, a “Penangese woman” was found, she died in the country about 40 years, like the Stone Age. Forever vchenі made її disguise, write to Daily Mail.

Brazilian expert From the graphics of Cicero Moraes, that team of scholars from Universiti Sains Malaysia trumpeted for this digital technology. Fahіvtsі in the galuzі criminalіlіstі vvchili skull, schob accurately vyznachit, chilovіk tse chi zhіnka, and then began s’s’s’s’s’ss’s’s’ss’s’s’s’ss’s’s’ pidkhid, which is mimicry, richly simple and accessible, lower classical form, based on hand sculpture”, –

Christmas showed the appearance of a woman of the stone age< /p>

Photo: Pen News

Disguise a woman behind a stone 8217;nogo vіku