Vcheni z’yasuvali, like continents appeared on Earth

Vcheni z’yasuvali, like continents appeared on Earth

Women s’saw as if continents had appeared on Earth

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Behind the words of Tim Johnson from Curtin University, the hypothesis about those continents on the cob settled in the fall of giant meteorites has been around for a decade. But there was no clear evidence of this theory before the new one.

& #8220;Our work was focused on fermenting isotopes of sour in zircon crystals. I have revealed the traces of a low process, which starts from the melting of the mountain rocks, from the earth's surface and far away to the planet's overhead. This geological process is responsible for the effect of impacts in giant meteorites & # 8221;, & # 8211; having said wine.

Themselves, at the thought of the scientists, the last one gave the first reconciliation to prove that the processes, as if by chance, formed the continents, originated from gigantic meteorite impacts, similar to those that brought the dinosaurs to extinction, but the stench became in the first billion years of the history of the Earth.

that the evolution of the continents on the planet continues.

“On the continents there is a greater part of the biomass of the Earth, all the people live here, and also all the smut genera of brown copalins live here. Among them are deposits of lithium, tin, nickel, which are necessary for the creation of “green” technologies. Qi genera are the final result of the geological process, which is called the differentiation of earth measles. This process is just starting from the moment the continents are formed”, – adding Johnson.