Vcheni made sounds of coma, yak did not bachili for 150 years

Vcheni made sounds of coma, yak did not bachili for 150 years

Vcheni created sounds of komakhi, yaku didn't bachili already 150 rocks

Photo : Charlie Woodrow Komakha Prophalangopsis obscura

Survivors agree that you can victorious for a joke of komakhi in the wild.

Vcheni spіv spіv komahi Prophalangopsis obscura, yak vostannє bachili in 1869 roci. Vaughn looks like a tsvirkun. Let me tell you about the Natural History Museum. It is important that Prophalangopsis obscura has great wings, it is easy to make it great, but it’s better to rob it with a superbly handy and memorable target for the kazhanіv.

Such evidence can prove that the coma has been alive since the Jurassic period. To that, experts are admitted, that at the same time I live in the middle, de no one can say.

In order to try z’s where you can live and see, the British scientists conducted a 3D scan of krill coma and created their digital model. Qi creatures see sounds, rubbing their paws on wings. As a rule, males vicorate sounds to lure females during the breeding season.

So Having created a long-forgotten sound series of the same mind, the followers are convinced that it can be victorious for a joke in the wild nature. Zokrema, experts admit that stinks can live in Tibet and Pivnichniy India. We can set up acoustic lures there, as if to program the sounds of these comakhs, in order to know possible living features and better follow them.

Previously, it was said that paleontologists had previously discovered an unknown small armored dinosaur on the Argentinean pivdni.