Vcheni knew the way to decipher movie creatures

Vcheni knew the way to decipher movie creatures

Who knows how to decrypt Movie Creatures

Surprisingly, we can use the intelligence behind the decryption of communication methods used by all kinds of creatures.

The American non-commercial organization Earth Species Project, for the help of piece intelligence, can decipher the language of creatures and try to contact them. About tse tell The Guardian. Previously, how the creatures communicate, the previous ones deciphered the codes for the guards, and now the stench can pick up more data for the sensors, like the creatures carry on their own, and the piece of intelligence is far from deciphering their communication.


Zocrema, earlier in life, developed an algorithm that would analyze the roaring of pigs in order to determine if the creature has positive or negative emotions. Also, the team of DeepSqueak investigators found out that grizzly bears rest at a stressful station for an hour directing ultrasonic signals to them.

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Now the members of the Earth Species Project want to create tools that will help them to be able to combine all creatures, not just one species.

“ creatures receive light, but emotions, for example, on grief, joy, like deacons, they feed on us, and so very sensitively they can mingle with other representatives of their kind” Plankhoka is a frying of an izintelekt, a shcho can be bored automatically, he has been rushed by creature (the set-in the disposal of it is stimulated, it is a mandru, and Potim is approved by Assobachiti, Chi is able to Pod the function of the function of the function. ;because of the appointed behavior.

Oskіlki creatures communicate not only by voice, it will be necessary to read go different ways of communication.