Vcheni knew a way to create fumes on Mars

Vcheni knew a way to create fumes on Mars

They knew a way to make tinder on Mars

Photo: naked-scienceVcheni sour sour on Mars

A group of experts has found a way to sour sour on the Chervony planet from carbonic carbon dioxide.

An international group of contributors has worked out a plasma pidhid to produce fumes on Mars for future crewed expeditions. About tse tell It is important that in the Martian atmosphere the acid is rich, the proteins of the closures in the molecules of carbon dioxide, which are even more important to destroy. And that acid that comes out of it, it is necessary to see it from the gas mixture, in which it is also possible, for example, carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide.

Experts from the University of Lisbon admit that the plasma can help to make the ointment, as if to squash the molecule to vibrate and expand.

Plasma takes revenge on the charged particles, including electrons, which, with their lungs, will soon rise to higher energies for the help of electrical irrigation.

“ lay out її or transfer energy, zmushuyuchi її vibrate. This energy can be directed by a significant world to the distribution of carbon dioxide & # 8221;, & # 8211; said Vasco Guerra, a physicist at the University of Lisbon in Portugal.

This method can provide a high level of acidity for a remarkably small amount of equipment.

This method can be used to supplement the NASA experiment on the use of oxygen resources on the field (MOXIE).

MOXIE absorbs carbon dioxide atmosphere and turn it into sour and chadny gas, but in order to be used on a significant scale, such an addition can reduce the magnitude of energy.

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