Vcheni created the coldest matter at the All-world

Vcheni created the coldest matter at the All-world

The Holy Mothers created the coldest mother in the Lord

Photo: Ella Maru Studio/Courtesy of K. Hazzard/Rice UniversityCold Matter

The Universe has one nebula Boomerang, which is colder, lower than the Universe, – close to 1 Kelvin, or minus 272 degrees Celsius.

minds at the University of Kyoto in Japan created the coldest matter, lower in the depths of space. About tse tell Space. Zokrema, experts in experiment vikoristovuvali fermioni – so physicists call whether particles, from which matter is formed, including electrons, protons and neutrons. The team cooled the atoms of the element iterbium – to about a billionth of a degree higher than absolute zero, to the hypothetical temperature at which all atomic Roc is attached.

Behind the words of the vchenih, the space of the world is never so cold, more than it is equal to the remembrance of relic views. Otriman cooled matter to bring the coldest, lowest coldest regions of the cosmos, the Boomerang nebula, spread over 3 thousand light rocks on the Earth, the temperature of just one degree above absolute zero.

In order to cool the matter, the experts used laser crystals, spanning about 300 thousand atoms in an optical solution. The experiment imitates the model of quantum physics, as in 1963 the theoretical physicist John Gabbard was the first to stumble upon it.

“ Physics begins to become quantum-mechanical and allows the development of new phenomena”, – seems to be.