Vcheni cheered up the number of ants on the Earth

Vcheni cheered up the number of ants on the Earth

Women cheered up the number of ants on Earth

Photo: ants in the world

The number outweighs the mass of all wild birds and wild savants and the healthiest one of the people's wild vag.

. For 20 billion million million million, that is the number 20 with 15 zeros, write Science Alert. Significantly, that the ants in the world make close to 12 million tons of dry coal. I’m moving a lot of all the wild birds and wild savts in the world at once, and about one p’yat of the people’s wild vag.

Water hour ants are an important part of nature. Krim іnshogo, aejet ґrunta, rosyyuhnnya, Ruyna organized Matterіal, stare an iznuvannya for the same creatures of the germin of Kharchovaya Lancyuga. dovkіllya.

As you can see, there are over 15,700 names of species and species, and also a lot of others, not yet named by science. The high level of social organization allowed them to colonize all ecosystems and regions around the world.

< p> To improve the number of ants on the Earth additional analysis of 489 populations conducted by research from the Earth. Dosledzhennya swarmed all the continents and the main places of residence, including foxes, pustels, bows and places. The experts vindicated the standard methods for the collection of murahs, such as pasta-wastes and scorched leaves.

In addition, vcheni have revealed that the ants spread on the surface of the Earth unevenly. It’s a lot to be different at six times fallow in dovkillya and it sounds at the reach of the peak in the tropics. This reinforces the importance of tropical regions to support healthy populations of ants.

Ants are also abundant in forests and, surprisingly, in arid regions. Ale stinks become less wider than the pieced honed ones.

Also, these comakhs have established tysnі zv’linguistics with other organisms, and deyakі see can’t live without survive them. For example, deyakі birds rely on murah, because you can fool your zdobich. I have seen thousands of people grow up, either as anniversaries of murah, or as their prihists in exchange for the defense of the proliferation of their nascent. At the same time, there are a lot of ants and huts, which help to control the populations of other coma.

The fact that the global number of coma is rapidly escaping through such threats, like the destruction of that fragmentation of dowkill, the dissolution of chemical speeches, is evident .