Vanessa Bryant reaches a $28 million settlement for photos of the dead bodies of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna

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The family's lawyers say this amount will go to charity

Vanessa Bryant reaches a $28 million settlement for photos of Kobe Bryant's corpses and their daughter Gianna

After nearly three years of feud, Vanessa Bryant, widow of Kobe Bryant, has reached an agreement with Los ÁAngeles County authoritiesfor the trial surrounding the leak of the images of the corpses of her husband and their daughter Gianna, taken after the 2020 helicopter crash that caused the death. her death along with that of seven other people.

Despite the fact that in the trial last August it was determined that Since the widow would receive 16 million as compensation, there were some issues to be resolved in the case. Finally, an agreement for 28.85 million dollars has been established. The family's lawyers affirm that this amount will go to the family. for charity.

Minimal dissemination

Vanessa, along with Chris Chester, led the show. He brought the case to trial in September 2020, nine months after the accident. He accused The County of Los Angeles was informed of the disclosure of the images of the accident, taken and disseminated by various members of the rescue. Although none of them came to life. Although it was not published and its dissemination was minimal, Vanessa Bryant assures that on the day of the accident  asked for to the sheriff of Los Angeles that no one took pictures of the wreckage. In addition, he stated that he She said that the victims' right to privacy had been violated and that the images had caused great pain to the next of kin.

“I feel devastated, hurt and betrayed by the County employees who leaked the photos,” Confessed Vanessa Bryant during the trial. 

Last August, the jury concluded their case. She said the rescuers responsible for the photos had violated the privacy of the families.

“Vanessa fought for her husband, her daughter, and everyone in the community who saw their deceased relatives be killed.” They were treated disrespectfully. We hope that their victory in the trial and this agreement can put an end to this type of practice,” says Luis Li, Bryant's lawyer, celebrating the end of the dispute.