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Vancouver maintains funding for street cleaning program

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The micro-cleaning project program has existed since 1999. (Archive photo)

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Vancouver city council has voted to renew funding for the street cleaning program. According to non-profit organizations, this program provides low-stress employment to vulnerable people.

Ramneet Kang, a street cleaner for Mission Possible, says the program helps her meet people like them who are recovering from addiction.

This job gives me enough flexibility to focus on other aspects of my life during my [treatment], she said, adding that she needed to regain her confidence.

Seven organizations in total will share $2.6 million to fund micro-cleaning projects across the city, including Chinatown, Downtown Eastside, public transit stations and municipal squares.

Rick Minhas, of the Coast Mental Health foundation, says that this type of program helps people, who really need it, to earn a little money.

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Essentially we are trying to provide them with the opportunity to work so that they can re-enter the workforce.

The road cleaning program has existed since 1999.

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