Van Morrison roars against lockdown: “No more government excesses, no more fascist thugs”

Van Morrison roars against lockdown: “No more government excesses, no more fascist thugs”

The mythical 'Lion of Belfast' launches three denial issues in which he accuses the British Government of acting “like fascist thugs who want to disturb our peace”

Van Morrison roars against lockdown:

Van Morrison has become the emblem of “resistance” to the new Coronavirus restrictions announced by Boris Johnson. The Lion of Belfast, as popularly he knows, has released its latest “roar” under the title No More Lockdown (No more confinement) to h accused the British government of acting “as fascist thugs who want to disrupt our peace.”

At 75 years old, with six Grammy Awards to his name, distinction of honor in the Rock Hall of Fame and highest recognition as an officer of the Order of the British Empire, Sir Van Morrison is little less than a living legend in his land. Despite all his musical attributes – including immortal songs such as Domino or Wild Night – Northern Ireland's Health Councilor Robin Swann has not hesitated to attack him in an article written precisely in Rolling Stone magazine.

“We expected better from him,” Swann writes. “What you are saying is actually dangerous and may encourage people not to take the Coronavirus seriously. If you see it as a big conspiracy, then you are less likely to follow public health advice that will help others stay safe. “.

Swann goes even further and accuses Morrison of acting “insane and irresponsible” to the lyrics (and music) of his anti-lockdown anthem: “His words are going to give arguments to conspiracy theorists who have undertaken a crusade against masks and vaccines and that they think this is all a global plot to take away our freedoms. I just hope no one takes him seriously. He is neither a guru, nor a teacher. ”

No guru, no method, no teacher was precisely the title of the album released in 1986 by Van Morrison, who had occasionally put his foot in politics because of the peace process in Northern Ireland. Halfway between the United States and the British Isles, his libertarian wishes were public and notorious, but they had never been brought to the fore as up to now due to the severe restrictions imposed in the face of the pandemic .

No more confinements / no more government excesses / no more fascist thugs / disturbing our peace, ” read the lyrics of his latest song. ” No more cuts to our freedoms / to our God-given rights / claiming it's for our safety / when it's really our slavery .”

No more lockdown is one of the three songs with the background of the Coronavirus that the Northern Irish singer will launch from September 25 and that he even intends to present at the London Palladium (as long as he respects the rules of social distancing). The other two songs are titled Born to be Free and As I walked out . In all of them he attacks in one way or another against the British Government and even goes so far as to prey on “the scientists of the Imperial College” for justifying the confinement with “distorted facts”.

“I'm not telling people what to do or think,” defends the Northern Irish singer in a statement. “The government is already doing a good job in that sense … What I defend is freedom of choice. I think people should have the freedom to think for themselves.”

At the end of August, Van Morrison stood out with a call to “singers, composers, producers and promoters” to make common cause in the resistance to the restrictions due to the Coronavirus that are having such an impact on the music industry: “Take a step up front, fight pseudoscience and speak out loud .

At least two notorious Britpop representatives have picked up the baton. “No confinement, no tests, no masks and no vaccines,” Ian Brown, former leader of the Stone Roses, wrote on Twitter. Brown has also released his own musical anathema, titled Little Seed Big Tree , in which he talks about “the fake vaccine as a bad dream” and “Masonic confinement in your own city.”

Noel Gallagher, former Oasis guitarist and now leader of the High Flying Birds, has also joined the insurrection by proclaiming on the networks his intention not to wear a mask in stores , on the train or in public spaces: “They are taking us away too many fucking freedoms … I've decided not to wear it. ”

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