Van der Breggen, the cyclist who does not leave even the crumbs

Van der Breggen, the cyclist who does not leave even the crumbs

The Dutchwoman wins the Giro d'Italia and the world time trial and road races in one week. Van Vleuten (silver) and Longo (bronze) accompany him on the podium in Imola

Van der Breggen, the cyclist who does not leave even the crumbs

Seven days ago, Anna Van der Breggen won the Giro d'Italia for the third time in her career , but she did so with a large asterisk. His compatriot Annemiek Van Vleuten had been far superior to all the others until a fall, including a broken wrist, forced him to withdraw with two stages remaining for the end of the event.

Two days ago, Anna Van der Breggen won the world time trial championship for the first time in her career, getting the last big game that was missing from her vast record. But again, with an asterisk. Champion defending American Chloé Dygert plunged dramatically over a nightstand while setting the fastest time of all participants by far.

This Saturday, Anna Van der Breggen won the world championship on the road for the second time in her career, after also winning it in 2018. And here, at last, there is no asterisk worth it. She will wear the rainbow for the next 12 months because she was overwhelmingly superior to all the women who have participated in the Imola test, putting an exceptional finishing touch on the best week of her entire life.

Van der Breggen was the spearhead of a new exhibition for the Dutch national team . Silver, at 1:20, was Annemiek Van Vleuten, winner of the test in 2019, who beat Elisa Longo Borghini in the final sprint, despite the questionable maneuver of the Italian, who even closed her elbow in the last meters. In the third group, the fastest was also the Dutch Marianne Vos. That is, for the Netherlands they were gold, silver and fourth place, something that had not happened since 1963, when the Belgian team achieved it, a year after taking all three positions on the podium.

Mavi Garcia's attempt

Among the Spanish women, the best classified was Mavi García Cañellas, who reached the finish line in 18th position . The Balearic Islands had been part of the most important escape of the day, with several high-level cyclists, who remained in the lead until the fourth of the five laps of the circuit that hosts these world championships. The work of the Netherlands, at times with Van der Breggen herself shooting in the first person, ruined the options of the getaways when there were 42 kilometers left to reach the goal located at the Imola circuit.

The Dutch team continued to work after neutralization until Van Vleuten struck. The one who will be a Movistar runner from next year arrived at this appointment after undergoing an operation on her wrist last Monday . Armed with a splint, the great dominator of the season broke the group into a thousand pieces, but she already ran out of energy to respond to the counterattack of her compatriot Van der Breggen, whom no one could follow after her change of pace on the ramps more hard of the Cima Gallisterna.

From then on, the winner walked alone for 40 kilometers without anyone being able to reach her, despite attempts by Great Britain and especially Italy to reduce the gap. The pursuers regrouped, in the last step through Gallisterna it was Longo who changed the rhythm. Ludwig and Deignan tried to follow his wheel, but only Van Vleuten could. An effort that found the silver prize and the Dutch double, the same as last year, only with the positions exchanged. Now the queen is Van der Breggen.

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