Valdez and Aquino lead Licey to a 7-2 defeat of the Giants

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  • Valdez and Aquino lead Licey to a 7-2 defeat of the Gigantes

    Valdez launched a 7-2 win over the Gigantes. 7 innings with seven strikeouts, to score his second victory of the season.

In his masterful pitching work, Valdez (2-0 ) gave away He got two tickets and fanned out. to seven batters. lost Derrick Loop (0-1) allowing the winning run in the sixth inning.  Valdez was relieved in the eighth by  Arodys Vizcaíno and Carlos Vargas in the ninth.

With their victory, the Tigers (14-6) stop a two-game losing streak to remain firm in first place in the tournament. On their side, the Giants fell for occasion number 10 with eleven wins in their favor.

For the Giants, Kelvin Gutiérrez hit the ball. a couple of hits. Eury Pérez, Carlos Peguero and  Henry Urrutia hit an uncatchable each. For the Tigers, Aquino hit the ball. his three-run triple RBI. Sergio Alcántara, Ronny Mauricio, Ramón Hernández and Trenton Brooks all hit singles. Michael De La Cruz scored the second. two races.

The races

The Giants pounced ahead on the scoreboard by making a run in the high against the pitches of the right-hander César Valdez.  After Webster  Rivas struck out for the first out, Eury Pérez hit the ground. unstoppable by the left and it came to the left. to intermediate  on shortstop's error on catcher's attempted steal. Iván Castillo received the award. Pitch hit.

Hanser Alberto delivered the ball. second out on groundout to first moving runners to second and third. Henry Urrutia is intentionally walked to load the bases and Kelvin Gutiérrez traded for the bases. free ticket to push Pérez off third base for the first score of the game.

The Blues equalized at the bottom of the fifth against pitchers Cristopher Crisóstomo. After Ramón Hernández delivered the first out with a fly ball to center, Elly De La Cruz traded the ball. four bad balls.  Arístides Aquino also receives a free ticket and Trenton Brooks chartered another. unstoppable tugboat to the right to even the game at one round per side.

The Bengalese exploded four scores against pitchers Derrick Loop and Enrique Burgos at the bottom of the sixth inning . Michael De La Cruz negotiated walks opening the episode. Emilio Bonifacio sacrificed himself bunt down first moving De La Cruz to second. Sergio Alcántara struck out.

Finish Loop's job. Enrique Burgos enters to pitch in his place. Ronny Mauricio greeted him warmly. with an unstoppable hit to the meadow on the right scoring De La Cruz in the race.

Ramón Hernández received an award. transfer. Elly De La Cruz reached out. by mistake on a grounder from the first baseman to load the bases and incidentally set the stage for Arístides Aquino to hit a triple that cleaned up the ball. He hit the bases and put the Tigers in a 5-1 lead.

The Tigers extended in the seventh on RBI hits by Sergio Alcántara and Ramón Hernandez. The Giants made their second run in the ninth on a drive off Edwin Espinal's second baseman.


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