Vіysk navchannya in Belarus: until the next date they continued

Vіysk navchannya in Belarus: until the next date they continued

Regardless of those who have been trained at the training grounds, the experts of the monitoring group talk about the untimeliness of the AF of the Republic of Belarus to plan and carry out offensive operations.

Viysk training in Belarus: continue until next date

Belarus continued its military education until 9 April 2022. About this “Telegram”-channel “Belarusian Gayun”.

training at rich polygons is not carried out. All the day I will become for the Belarusian Viysk holidays.

In these days of tyzhny, shooting and other military events in Belarus will be carried out at the following ranges:

  • Borisivsky (227) until 09.07;
  • Shooting site No. 1 near Minsk (Uruchcha) ) until 07.09;
  • Gozky (grodno) until 07.08;
  • Brestsky until 09:07;
  • Repishche (Osipovichi) until 07.08;
  • March’їna Girka until 09.07;
  • Losvido (out of Vitebsk) until 09.07 ;
  • Niman (near Berezivka) until 08.07;
  • Obuz-Lisovy (near Baranovichi) 08.07;
  • Chepelevo (near Slonim) until 08.07;
  • Domanovo (near Ivatsevichi) until 08.07;
  • Strilyanishche near Old Roads until 08.07;
  • Zaslonovo (near Lepel) until 09.07.

< p>From your side, monitoring group “Belarusian Gayun” stverzhuє, scho, regardless of the stretching of the time at the hour, the AP of Belarus is not ready to independently launch offensive operations.

This is how the monitoring group stated that the Belarusian troops have reduced their piloting skills a little.

Viysk training in Belarus: before which dates have been continued

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<p> The monitoring group showed a map of the names of the AP of the Republic of Belarus, as they continued until the first decade of the lime</p>
<p> Photo: Belaruski Gayun</p>
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