Uzbekistan introduces new restrictions due to the growth in the number of cases of coronavirus

Узбекистан вводит новые ограничения из-за роста числа случаев коронавируса

TASHKENT (Reuters) – Uzbekistan from July 1, introduces new restrictions in some regions of the country, including the capital Tashkent, due to the growth in the number of new cases COVID-19.

The Central Asian country with a population of 34 million people in March shut down a major city and region, and also stopped the work of small enterprises in order to counter the spread of the coronavirus.

In may, Uzbek authorities began to soften restrictions, dividing the country into “red”, “yellow” and “green” zones, depending on the registration of new cases COVID-19.

The authorities forbade the inhabitants to gather more than three people in public places in the regions, which are assigned to the “red” and “yellow” and from seven in the morning till eleven in the evening to be on the streets. Most of the areas of the capital of Uzbekistan located in the “yellow” area of the streets blocked.

“Major commodity markets and large shopping centres in all regions of the country will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays for sanitary and disinfection work”, – stated in the message.

In Uzbekistan today reported 8.298 cases of infection with coronavirus and 24 deaths.

(Muhammadsharif Mamatkulov, the text-Maria Gordeeva. Editor Dmitry Antonov)

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