Use extra caution if you venture onto the ice

Use extra caution if you venture onto the ice

With the forecast of warm weather, ice fishing enthusiasts who venture out on the waterways will have to be extremely careful.

In Lac-Brome, in Montérégie, it was decided to ban vehicle traffic on the lake because of the dangers and a series of incidents that have occurred over the past week.

Temperatures above seasonal norms are causing instability of the ice cover on the lake. Thus, the municipality has decided to close its public access.

A security guard keeps watch at Douglas Beach and a fence has even been erected at the end of Benoît Street to discourage people from venturing there on ATVs.

It is because there has been a series of incidents there in recent weeks, the most recent Tuesday, the ice having given way under the weight of an all-terrain vehicle. Fortunately, the two occupants escaped unscathed.

Thursday morning, the mayor deplored the presence of fishermen on the lake where the thickness of the ice cover is barely four inches.

About thirty kilometers away, in Roxton Pond, amateurs were also enjoying ice fishing on Thursday.

TVA Nouvelles was able to meet them because there the ice cover reached a thickness of more than eight inches.

Those we met confirm that they are much safer there than in Lac-Brome.

The local fire safety service is still on the lookout.

With increased traffic this weekend, firefighters will carry out prevention patrols with their amphibious vehicles.

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