US will no longer buy Russian gold

US will no longer buy Russian gold

US will no longer buy Russian gold

US Department of the Treasury imposes sanctions on almost 100 objects “military machine” Putin, and an announced a ban on the import of Russian gold.

“Imports into the United States of gold originating in the Russian Federation are prohibited, except as required by law, or without a license or other authorization from OFAC. This decision does not apply to gold of Russian origin, which until today was outside the Russian Federation”, — said in a statement released Tuesday by the Treasury Department.

Also, the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has included 70 organizations on  critical to the military-industrial base” of Russia, including the Rostec State Corporation, as well as 29 Russian individuals.

As noted, the sanctions were adopted simultaneously with the decision of the US State Department, which imposes sanctions against 45 more legal entities. and 29 individuals.

The State Department also announced measures to impose visa restrictions on officials who are believed to have threatened or violated the sovereignty, territorial integrity, or political independence of Ukraine, including more than 500 officers of the Russian armed forces and Russian officials involved in the crackdown on dissent.

It is noted that, as announced at the G7 summit, the the United States in taking action against Russian gold United Kingdom, Canada and Japan joined.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich