US voted on sanctions against 100 officials in Lukashenka's regime

US voted on sanctions against 100 officials in Lukashenka's regime

The State Department of the United States, having voted about the supply of borders for about 100 Belarusian officials.

US voted for sanctions against 100 officials in Lukashenko regime

See the statement of Secretary of State Enton Blinken, write “Evropeyska Pravda”.

“Today we are declaring about the provision of visas for 100 settlements to the regime of cities’they are honored for their part in driving schools to democratic institutions or in transition to democracy Belarus”, –

The list includes individuals who occupy high-rise estates in Lukashenka's administration, the MVS, the State Security Committee (KDB), the Central Electoral Commission, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Head Office of the Inspection Committee, the Ministry of Transport 8217;язку, Головному управлінні боротьби з організованою злочинністю та корупцією, Військово-повітряних силах і Військах протиповітряної оборони.

Серед підсанкційних осіб також члени парламенту, судді, співробітники служби безпеки, члени виконавчих комітетів та адміністратори державних університетів.

The Derzhdepі determined that individuals included in the list were taken to forcible arrests of civilians demonstrators, raids on houses and offices of journalists, representatives of the opposition and activists, falsification of elections and other damage.