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US says Israel has taken into account its concerns about the situation in Rafah

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

The US said Israel has taken into account its concerns about the situation in Rafah

Photo: Palestinians queue for free food in Rafah. Gaza Strip. January 2024

Israel is taking into account US concerns during military operations in the refugee-filled city of Rafah, a senior United States official said on Tuesday, May 21, speaking on condition of anonymity, Agence France-Presse reported.

"To be fair, the Israelis have updated their plans, they have taken into account many of the concerns that we expressed, the official told reporters. – This is an ongoing discussion, an ongoing conversation, it has been constructive.

He was referring to talks over the weekend between US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and senior Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu .

"What is important is what actually happens, said the official. – We do not greenlight Israeli operations, that is not our role.

US President Joe Biden has publicly stated that he does not want Israel to carry out a major ground offensive on Rafah, which is overrun by Palestinian refugees.< /p>

Israel launched a ground offensive on parts of Rafah earlier this month despite international opposition, including from its main ally the United States, which fears for the lives of more than a million trapped civilians.

Israel has ordered a mass evacuation from Rafah, where it has vowed to destroy Hamas and its tunnel system and rescue the remaining hostages.

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