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US military bases in Europe have led to increased readiness for possible terrorist attacks, – ZMI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

US military bases in Europe have led to increased readiness through possible terrorist attacks, – ZMI

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Several US military bases in Europe have voiced alert for threats of terrorist attacks.

This is reported by CNN based on communications from two American officials iv.< /p>

Behind these words, the bases, including the US Army garrison in Stuttgart, Germany, where the headquarters of the US European Command were dismantled, 30 minutes raised the level of alarm to the point where the forces of “Charlie” were destroyed. This status is announced if the incident occurs or intelligence information is rejected, which indicates the likelihood of a terrorist attack or an attack on personnel or facilities, the US Army says.

One of the American soldiers iv, who is based in Europe, We confirmed to CNN that they did not smell such a jealousy of the threat of “receiving 10 rocks.”

A riverman of the US European Command, Corporal Dan Day, was inspired to comment on the jealousy of the defense of forces. Protein noted that the command “consistently evaluates the low level of officials as they interfere with the safety of US military personnel behind the cordon.” And between them, we are “living through additional entries.”

Due to the level of operational safety, we will not inform you about specific entries, otherwise we will run out of saws, — by adding the river.

CNN notes that it is unclear what intelligence data led to increased security, or whether the European government was ahead of the potential threat of terrorism ahead of the Olympic Games in Paris about European football in Nimechchyn .

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