US may fine and jail Turks who help Russia – media

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US may fine and imprison Turks who help Russia - media

American officials are pressuring Turkey to stop accepting US-made planes that Russia has since embezzled, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing US officials.

The publication writes that last month, senior US officials warned that Turkish citizens face jail time, fines, loss of export privileges and other penalties if they provide services such as refueling and spare parts for American-made aircraft flying to (or from) Russia and Belarus in violation of export regulations.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce Thea Roseman Kendler relayed the message to Turkish officials during her December visit to Turkey, according to officials.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry did not respond to the request bu newspapers to comment on the warning.

In February last year, the administration of US President Joe Biden introduced export controls that prohibited Russia from using American-made aircraft in response to an attack on Ukraine. Export controls prohibit any aircraft made in the US, or those containing more than 25% US components, from flying to Russia or Belarus without a license issued by the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce.

Russian airlines continue to fly on Boeing Co. aircraft. despite the efforts of the United States and the European Union to return them to their owners.

According to the aviation analytical company Cirium, Russian and Belarusian airlines, including the Moscow state company Aeroflot, have operated more than 2,100 flights since October 1 using American-made aircraft, including Boeing 777, 757 and 737 to Turkey.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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