US continues to search for Alcatraz prisoners who escaped in 1962

US continues to search for Alcatraz prisoners who escaped in 1962

Search for Alcatraz prisoners who escaped in 1962 continues in the US

Photo: U.S. Marshals Service

The US Federal Marshals Service has released three photos of criminals who escaped 60 years ago from Alcatraz Prison, computer-edited to reflect what they might look like in old age. It is reported by Fox News.

Frank Morris, as well as the brothers Clarence and John Anglin, escaped 60 years ago, climbing through the vents and pipes of the prison to the roof, sliding down the chimney and then sailed through the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay on a raft made from cloak after many months of planning.

The fugitives could have died trying to swim across the water, but their bodies were not found, and in  In 1975, a photograph was taken in a cafe in Brazil, where the Anglin brothers were supposedly captured. In 2013, a man who introduced himself as John Anglin said that he was ready to tell the police his whereabouts if he was promised that he would not be sent to prison for more than a year, and also paid for cancer treatment. According to the information contained in the letter, Clarence passed away in 2011, and Frank Morris — in 2005.

Due to these reasons, the search for the criminals who escaped from Alcatraz continues.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga