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L&rsquo ;US climate envoy John Kerry will resign and campaign for Biden

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John Kerry has led the US delegation to three UN climate summits and worked effectively with China. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

US climate envoy John Kerry, playing a key role within the US administration in the fight against change climate change, will resign to contribute to President Biden's re-election campaign, media reported Saturday.

The resignation of Mr. Kerry, 80 years, should take effect by spring, according to the New York Times.

Since 2021, the former secretary of state and senator has liaised with other countries to secure commitments in regarding climate change, notably during the last United Nations climate summit, COP28, which was held in Dubai.

Mr. Kerry intends to take part in Joe Biden's campaign by publicizing the president's work in the fight against global warming, according to several American media outlets citing officials familiar with the matter.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Mr. Kerry informed Mr. Biden of his intention to leave on Wednesday, and his team learned of his decision on Saturday, these outlets reported.

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L'ex -Secretary of State led the US delegation to three UN climate summits, but he also worked effectively with China, despite complicated diplomatic relations.

These two countries alone are responsible for some 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Open in full screen mode< p class="StyledImageCaptionLegend-sc-57496c44-2 sbxsP">US climate envoy John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua gave a joint press conference at COP28 in Dubai, December 13, 2023.

In a rare show of unity, the United States and China sealed a historic, if watered-down, deal in December at the COP28 climate summit to begin moving away from oil, gas and coal, the main culprits of the global climate crisis.

Mr. Kerry had hosted his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua a month earlier in California, where the two countries had agreed on the broad outlines of climate action which partly served as the basis for the #x27;Dubai agreement involving nearly 200 countries.

The news of Mr Kerry's resignation comes a day after the announcement of Mr. Xie's retirement.

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