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Urban agriculture is developing in Calgary Industrial Park

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According to the project developers, indoor agriculture accelerates plant growth while reducing the need for transportation.


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A vertical farm of nearly 9,300 square meters is quietly settling into Calgary's industrial park. Ultimately, its promoters hope to produce some 900,000 kg of food annually.

This is the project that the GoodLeaf farm and its president, Barry Murchie, are pursuing. . The manager sees it as a way to stem food insecurity while minimizing the carbon footprint, particularly in terms of transport.

Our intention is to replace imported products with as many local products as possible, he says. To do this, the company plans to invest $50 to $60 million, he said, a sum to which the province provided some $2.7 million.

To maximize the use of available space, the plants are produced in a hydroponic greenhouse in which trays of potting soil are stacked 12 meters high.

The excess water used to water the plants is filtered and recycled, while the excess humidity from the air is collected in trays.

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According to Barry Murchie, the system in place allows rapid growth of the plants.

GoodLeaf's indoor urban agriculture project is vast, but it is not the first to set up in the Alberta metropolis, notes Kristi Peters, the manager of the City of Calgary's food planning.

According to her, the city already has around ten urban farms, a small number of which operate on a large scale .

This type of project is useful for reducing the dependence of the supply chain on imported products, says the holder of the Research Chair in Innovation agribusiness from the University of Saskatchewan, Stuart Smyth.

According to him, recent droughts increase the importance of farming differently.

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