Up to 1,000 killed in Pakistani povens – CNN

Up to 1,000 killed in Pakistani povens – CNN

Up to 1,000 people have been punished in Pakistan – CNN

Pakistani boards called out strong avenues

Through the disaster, as the authorities call “the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the decade”, 33 million people suffered.

In Pakistan, 937 people perished through the ravages, who stood at the edge from the middle of the earth through the torrents of monsoon boards. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) told you about it, write at P & # 8217; Friday, 26 September, CNN.

As it was appointed, as a sign of natural disaster, as the government calls “the most terrible humanitarian catastrophe of this decade”, 33 million people suffered, about 30 million of them were left without a doha over their heads.

“Pakistan is going through its eighth season of rainfall, but it sounds like the country has only three-chotiri cycles of rainfall #8221;, – quotation from NDMA.

At the edge of the country, the government has requested international assistance.

Earlier in Pakistan, in two days, 126 people perished in the aftermath of incidents that caused them to be punished. More victims – women and children.