Unusual: he set his truck on fire to avoid being fined

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He was driving through the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, without license plates or a driver's license

Unusual: caught ; fire his truck to avoid being fined


Yalilé LoaizaFrom QuitoThe vehicle was driving without the rear license plate, it did not comply with technical traffic safety regulations, the driver did not have a driver's license and had not been registered since 2014.

To avoid being detained by agents of municipal traffic, a driver who was moving in a van incinerated his vehicle on public roads.

In a video posted on social media, the driver can be seen spraying gasoline on the red car, which is in poor condition, as the front windshield is broken and it doesn't have a hood. The incident occurred on Machala avenue to the east of the city of Guayaquil in the presence of traffic agents, passers-by, and onlookers.

After covering the vehicle with gasoline, the driver struck a match and threw it into the car, which immediately began to burn. Everything happened in the middle of the public thoroughfare, during daylight hours, blocking the way in one of the lanes of a street in the second most populous city in Ecuador.

Two traffic agents stopped the vehicle for committing various offenses such as driving without the rear license plate, failing to comply with technical traffic safety regulations, driving without a driver's license and for not having carried out a vehicle inspection or having The car has been registered since 2014.The vehicle was a 1977 Datsun pickup, as reported by the newspaper El Universo.

Unusual: set fire to his truck to avoid getting fines

The car had not been registered since 2014.

In addition to incinerating his vehicle, the driver doused traffic officers with gasoline and threatened to burn them alive. The Guayaquil Traffic and Mobility Agency indicated that it “rejects any criminal act that seeks to create anarchy by drivers who do not comply with the law, and reiterates its commitment to maintain order in the city of Guayaquil, for the safety of property and life of all citizens.”

Given the surprising and violent action of the driver, there were witnesses who not only recorded the event but also encouraged the man to burn the vehicle so that it would not be detained by the agents: “Burn it, burn it!”, “Put it on fire, put it on fire !”, were some of the phrases heard in the videos broadcast on social networks.

In accordance with the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP) , the driver would have committed several traffic offenses of different categories, in addition to the administrative offenses for which he was detained by traffic officers.

For example, according to the COIP, driving without a license is a first-class offense that is penalized with a fine equivalent to two basic salaries (USD 900 because the Ecuadorian unified salary is USD 450), in addition to the reduction of 10 points in the license and retention of the vehicle for 7 days.

 Unusual: He set his truck on fire to avoid getting fined

The driver set his car on fire on public roads to avoid having his vehicle confiscated.

By spraying the vehicle with gasoline on the street, a third class offense could also be committedfor spilling flammable or slippery substances on public roads. This type of act is sanctioned with a fine that implies the payment of 45% of a unified basic salary and the reduction of 7.5 points in the license.

Disobeying orders of traffic agents, disrupting traffic due to unauthorized obstacles on public roads, driving a car that does not have the correct technical-mechanical conditions, driving a vehicle without license plates or with altered license plates, are fourth class offenses according to the COIP and would also have been breached by the driver. These infractions are penalized with a fine equivalent to the payment of 35% of the general basic salary and with a reduction of 6 points in the license.

The fact should not be confused with the attack that occurred in the Los Paracaidista cooperative, Nueva Prosperina sector, a marginal area located northwest of Guayaquil. Colonel Fabary Montalvo explained to the press that some subjects arrived in the area around 04:00 on January 11 and set fire to a truck that they presume had been used by hitmen in the assassination attempt at an Omnihospital in the sector.

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