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Unofficial anthem of Ukraine for Euro-2024: YAKTAK presented a new track “We're going”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

Ukraine's unofficial anthem for Euro-2024: YAKTAK presented a new track "We are going"


Ukrainian performer YAKTAK amused fans with the new track “We're going”. This song claims to be the anthem of Ukraine for Euro-2024.

The presentation of the composition, which is an anthem of unity and struggle, took place on June 17. The clip was released on YouTube.

In the composition “We are going”, the artist sings about the determination and strength of people who unite for a common goal. It is about achieving victories and returning what is rightfully theirs.

The track tells about faith in the best future for our people. It conveys deep feelings of brotherhood and support. With his song, YAKTAK decided to call Ukrainians to unite and remind that together we can overcome any difficulties.

We created a track that has every chance of becoming the official anthem of Ukraine at Euro-2024, or simply a fan song that will be sung by our fans. This work is not only about football. It is also about the need to get up and move forward. It is partly about war, about life and, most importantly, about the strength of Ukrainians, – commented YAKTAK.

This song is a powerful call for unity and a reminder that together we can overcome any -what are the difficulties and how to achieve the set goals.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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